Manchukuo (Putunghua Chinese: 滿洲国 Mǎn-chou-kuó, Japanese: 滿洲国 Mansyu-koku), officially the Great Empire of Manchukuo (Putunghua Chinese: 大滿洲帝国 Ta Mǎn-chou Tì-kuó, Japanese: 大満州帝国 Dai Mansyu Teikoku), is a sovereign state in East Asia. It borders Russia to the north, Dauria to the northwest, North China to the west, and Japan to the south.

Formed in 1932 after gaining independence from China in the Sino-Japanese War, it was a founding member of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere trade bloc. Rapid economic development under de facto Japanese control made Manchukuo into an industrial powerhouse and one of the most advanced economies of Asia.

While the majority of the population is Han Chinese, Manchukuo is ethnically diverse. During and following the World War there was a large influx of Japanese immigrants and Jewish refugees, in addition to the many Ukrainians living in newly annexed territory from the former Russian Empire.